Meet Our 5 Monnig Global Plants

June 9, 2020 by Crossroads Galvanizing

Monnig Global started small with a single plant in Glasgow, Missouri in 1960. You may not know that Monnig Global has grown since then, and is now the parent company to five plants across the United States. The five plants that Monnig Global operates are Monnig Industries, Universal Galvanizing, Indiana Galvanizing, Big Bend Galvanizing and Crossroads Galvanizing. We thought we would give you a breakdown on each plant’s background and how it came to be. 

Monnig Industries – Missouri

Bob Monnig founded Monnig Industries in 1960 to support the burgeoning steel fabrication industry in mid-Missouri to eliminate the need to transport product back and forth to Kansas City or St. Louis. Initially, Monnig focused on cooling towers and miscellaneous structures, but over time began serving the recreational (boat docks), transportation (rail and highway), agriculture, and many other industries. Capacity was increased from one to two kettles in the mid 1980s and again in 2006 to help rebuild after hurricane Katrina.

Universal Galvanizing – Missouri

Universal was founded in 1999 when John Monnig purchased the assets of Universal Fabricators and Universal Galvanizing was born. From humble beginnings, in a small leased facility in St. Peters to a modern, state of the art facility in Wright City, MO, Universal Galvanizing has brought the “Monnig way” to the St. Louis area.

Indiana Galvanizing – Indiana

Indiana Galvanizing was the next to join the other plants in 2013. Area manufacturers contacted the Monnig’s about having a local presence in the Indiana area and Indiana Galvanizing was born.

Big Bend Galvanizing – Tennessee

Big Bend was the fourth plant to be opened. MacLean Power Systems asked the Monnigs to fill a need for galvanizing in the Trenton, Tennessee area thus Big Bend Galvanizing was born. 

Crossroads Galvanizing – Indiana

Last but not least, Crossroads was added in 2018. Wabash National contacted the Monnigs to fill a need for galvanizing in the Lafayette, Indiana area leading to Crossroads Galvanizing opening up.

Whether your project is big or small, recreational or industrial, we promise to produce nothing but the best products to stand the test of time! If you are in need of a galvanizing plant in your area, contact us to see how we can help.

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