7 Galvanized Steel Plant Workplace Safety Tips

December 4, 2020 by Crossroads Galvanizing

Employee safety has always been our top priority across all five of our plants. Accidents happen and unfortunately sometimes you can’t avoid them. However, if you take a little extra time to come up with some precautions and put them into place, you can decrease the risk of an employee getting hurt. 

We’ve got seven workplace safety tips that can help keep you and your employees safe at work. Check them out below! 

1) Use Equipment and Machines Properly 

Misusing these tools or equipment is a common cause of workplace injuries. Always follow the guidelines set around operating the specific equipment or machines you’re using. Also, be sure to regularly clean or inspect the machine to ensure it’s running properly. 

2) Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 

When using equipment, make sure you are wearing the correct PPE. Before using your PPE, examine it to ensure it’s undamaged. Wearing PPE significantly lowers your chances of getting injured. 

3) Inform Managers or Supervisors of Unsafe Work Conditions 

Never be afraid to let a supervisor know that there is a potential threat to employee safety in the workplace. From there, they’ll decide how to best handle the situation. 

4) Keep Emergency Exits Clear 

In case of an emergency, make sure to remove any clutter or objects that could potentially block emergency exits. 

5) Prevent Objects from Falling 

To avoid objects from falling, use protection such as nets, toe rails and toe boards. Additionally, stack boxes straight up and down, and place heavier items on the bottom shelves. Make sure to keep objects out of aisles and work areas. 

6) Use Correct Posture When Lifting 

Back injuries are one of the most common workplace injuries due to an incorrect posture while lifting large or heavy items. Remember, always lift with your legs and never your back. Whenever picking up an item, keep your back straight, use your legs and pick up the item without twisting or stooping. 

7) Avoid Harmful Chemicals 

Some acids and bases can be used to clean the material prior to galvanizing it. Make sure that if you are working with something more harmful, you wear proper PPE. After the chemical use, rinse off any areas that could have potentially been exposed. 

Our Thoughts

We’re committed to keeping our employees safe. They have and will always be our most important asset. It’s our job to keep the workplace running as smoothly as possible.  

Make sure to follow these seven tips to keep a safe workplace!

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